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Our story begins in 1978, when Tom Beal became a broker in the health and life insurance arena. He had mostly concentrated on life insurance at that time until one of his clients bought several TGI Friday’s Restaurants and needed health insurance for his employees. He turned to Tom for advice and guidance to design a benefit plan specific to his needs. Tom’s enthusiasm and hard work negotiating new plan ideas (such as the “Basic Plan” for groups with low salaried employees) with the top carriers became infamous, and word quickly got out that Tom Beal was the broker to go to for all insurance benefits needs. In 1985 he married his wife Janet, who was a Securities Analyst at the time, and they had two amazing daughters. In 1990 Janet joined the company as the CFO, and together they created the BEAL BRAND.

It was about that time that the Internet was taking off, and Tom had the insight to see where technology was heading. Being a man who always seeks better ways of doing things, he grasped on to the craze and pioneered the first system to facilitate all employee data and seamlessly feed information collected to the carriers. Online enrollment with detailed reports followed, and he is continuously creating new ways of streamlining the enrollment process while saving clients time and money by giving them a free proprietary, custom-branded secure website that handles everything from online enrollment for employees to special services they would otherwise be paying a third party to administrate.

Beal Benefit Solutions and Tom Beal is one of the topmost recognized brokers in the country with all of the leading carriers. He has built his reputation with a foundation of trust and integrity, and has always put his clients’ needs first. You will always see him with his computer or phone in hand, answering e-mails or returning calls personally to every client, big or small, no matter what time of day.

Beal Benefit Solutions designs the most cost effective health benefit plans for companies all over the United States, Canada and China. If Beal Benefits sounds like the broker for you, we’d be honored to share some solutions that will make your employees happier and your company’s bottom line healthier.



Seamless Insurance Solutions

With over 35 years of designing custom benefit plans to fit our clients’ specific needs, we understand the various challenges that benefits can create and cost your company. Beal Benefit Solutions is built on a foundation of integrity, honesty and straightforwardness. We develop strong partnerships with our clients based on trust. Our job is to listen to your concerns, research your current situation, and then execute creative solutions for every detail within your benefit program. Our goal is to provide solutions that will create a better benefit plan for your company, simplify your administration and lower the costs associated with your benefits, so you can concentrate on the growth and success of your business. If we can’t lower your benefit plan costs, we won’t waste your time.


Full Service Integration

Beal Benefit Solutions developed the first, and still the best, online enrollment system used in the insurance industry today. Our strategy is to keep the enrollment process simple for your employees while making concise live time data reports available to your HR team at all times. We take pride in going the extra mile by providing every client their own exclusive, custom-branded, secure company website at no cost, saving you and your employees time and money. We can have new clients up and running with our systems within 48 hours. Several value added services are included along with your website, at no cost, that were designed after years of researching what employers really need- assistance for their HR team, eliminating paperwork, populating payroll deductions and administering all phases of COBRA continuation services, just to name a few.


What Makes Us Different

From the beginning, our integrity and values have inspired us to help our clients and their employees simplify and cut costs throughout their entire benefit plan implementation. We deal in large volumes with the top carriers and can negotiate lower premiums, passing those savings on to our clients. Our exclusive online enrollment system interfaces in all areas with every carrier, and unlike any other insurance broker, all data collected through our state of the art system can be reviewed in live time at the employer’s convenience. We go out of our way to make sure every customer is satisfied by always being available as your call center to answer and resolve any questions regarding your benefits. We don’t want you to wait for hours on hold with any insurance carrier. Our goal is to make your employees happier and your bottom line healthier.

Employees Happier and Your Bottom Line Healthier

  • Denny’s

    “We have had Tom Beal and his staff assisting us with our Healthcare needs for over 10 years!! They are honest, hard working and look out for our best interest. Whenever we have a problem or concern, Beal Benefits is quick to respond and address the issue. They have one of the most automated enrollment and administrative websites to assist you with all your benefit needs. With today’s healthcare environment, you need someone you can trust and who is going to be working for you and your company. I strongly recommend Beal Benefits. ”

    YMF Media

    “We switched to Beal Benefits in 2012 and we could not be happier with the level of service and commitment to our organization. Beal Benefits gave us a health care plan, which reduced our costs over 30% in the first year. Their online enrollment process gives our employees a simple and effective tool to enroll in our health plan and their website provides all participants in the plan with complete and up-to-date information on their health benefits. The level of service Beal Benefits provides also enabled us to reduce our administrative costs for managing our employee benefits package. In 2013, Beal Benefits gave us a solution to enhance the company’s 401(k) plan, reducing our costs and providing better investment options for our employees. With their support throughout the process, the conversion to the new plan was smooth and easy. I strongly endorse Beal Benefits as a full service employee benefits provider.”
    YMF Media

    Sr. National HR Director

    “As a senior executive with over 25 years of experience in the restaurant and hospitality industries I have been exposed to many benefits brokers and their various service offerings. I can honestly attest that Beal Benefits is the very best. Tom and his team of professionals go far beyond other brokers in terms of their level of customer service, industry specific knowledge and benefits program design expertise. Five years ago my Company hired Beal Benefits as our complete service broker. Since then our employee’s attitudes and perception of the Company’s provided benefits has radically improved. Beal’s individualized approach to employee service not only saved our Company significantly through plan design and administration efficiencies, employees have come to value having the Beal Team as their personal advocate and intermediary with the insurance providers. Beal does benefits completely and that frees up our HR team as well as our employees to focus on other important aspects of our business!”
    Sr. National HR Director
  • Hunt Corp

    “The team at Beal Benefits is truly outstanding! They consistently impress me with their level of professionalism, customer focus, and endless amount of knowledge in the benefits arena. I consider them to be a “second branch” of our company’s HR department, as they don’t just support HR, but they take excellent care of our employees as well. Thanks Beal!”
    Hunt Corp

    Roberts Communications

    "Beal Insurance makes administering our benefits easy. They investigate, respond and resolve any questions or issues that may arise, quickly and efficiently so that it is off my to do list and I’m back to attending to my core duties."
    Roberts Communications

    Riviera Broadcasting

    " We have proudly worked w/ Beal Benefits for over 8 years.  Tom and his team have been an invaluable resource for our company and employees.  We consider Beal Benefits as part of our company and quite frankly view them as giving us a competitive edge.  We highly recommend and endorse Beal Benefits."
    Riviera Broadcasting